Having never had any real desire to do any public speaking, joining Speakers Club the last thing I would ever have thought of doing. However, as training is an integral part of my business, I felt I needed some guidance with presenting. Small groups were fine but larger groups needed something more than a “chat”. I had seen Sutton Coldfield Speakers Club featured in a local magazine but hadn’t done anything about it. Then one evening at an event, I was co-presenting to 100 people only to find that the Powerpoint presentation wasn’t working. That meant 100m faces were looking at me! This prompted me to make the following day and find out when the next meeting was! It’s amazing what fear makes you do!!

As soon as I went along I was delighted to meet some lovely friendly people who had all faced the same fear! In fact it is what people often fear the most but many do nothing about it.

Having been a member now for about 4 years, I really feel that everyone can benefit . Even if you never need to speak publicly, it does wonders for your confidence and can help in a social environment too. It is lovely seeing people grow as a result of attending. Age and background are completely irrelevant, we all need to speak!!
I have met some lovely people and found it has really boosted my confidence. Come and join us, you can actually have some fun!!

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