Sutton Coldfield Speakers’ Club June 2017

Sutton Coldfield Speakers’ Club held two regular meetings in June plus a social event. At each of these meetings we listened to three prepared speeches of around seven minutes each and these were then evaluated by members. The speakers were praised for the progress made and also given a suggestion on which of their presentation skills to work on next.
The second half of our meeting is always a session of impromptu speaking. Shirley Guy’s session on ‘Selling Ice to Eskimos’ generated a lot of ingenious sales talk and some laughter. She gave each of us an ordinary household product such as a toothbrush, pair of socks or corn plasters and we had up to three minutes to convince everyone else that our product was the best thing since sliced bread.
We had a wise Tip of the Week from Gary Allmark who stressed that public speaking is a skill that can be learned. He told us that everyone has the necessary ability and we shouldn’t shy away from the challenge. Believe that you can learn and that belief will become a reality. A message that can be applied to anything in life!
Our social evening was held at The Four Oaks. Members and guests enjoyed a meal and the opportunity to get to know each other a little better away from the lectern and structure of our usual meetings.

At The Four Oaks

At The Four Oaks

At the Four Oaks

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